Hey folks, today in this blog, I am going to share about Jenkin’s CRON expression.

It has 5 components

minute hour day month day

  • ‘*’ represents any value
  • ‘,’ value list separator

https://crontab.guru/ is one of awesome site that you can depend on to frame the CRON expression and we also have ready made examples for our needs

Triggers the Job every half an hour



Hey AWS (Amazon Web Service) is today became fancy and as part of this blog, lets learn to install AWS CLI

Grab this link for mac and try to hit below command

aws configure

It will ask for bunch of items like

  1. AWS Access Key ID
  2. AWS Secret Access Key
  3. Default region Name
  4. Default Output format

Login using below command

aws ecr get-login-password — region <region> | docker login — username <username> — password-stdin <password>

If everything step goes good, you will be able to Login Successfully. In the above screenshot, you might have see bunch of replacement because, I have tried replacing all the values to write this blog 😜



Sometimes when you try to install global packages in npm , you might came across following error message as in screenshot

EACCES: permission denied, mkdir ‘/userdirectory/node_modules/<package you are trying to install>’

Now we can easily solve this issue by following below commands

  1. mkdir ~/.npm-global
  2. npm config set prefix ‘~/.npm-global’
  3. export PATH=~/.npm-global/bin:$PATH
  4. source ~/.profile
  5. npm install -g jshint

Lets understand what it does

  1. On the command line, in your home directory, create a directory for global installations
  2. Configure npm to use the new directory path
  3. In your preferred text editor, open or create a ~/.profile file
  4. On the command line, update your system variables
  5. Try to do it without sudo, it will work like charm




When we say API, we have many things that will comes to our mind, lets quickly look into my checklist to cross check with yours :P

  1. Check HTTP Codes and corresponding status for different scenarios
  2. Play with Mandatory and Optional fields
  3. Resiliency testing — How API is behaving with 3rd party system integration and the API’s behaviour when 3rd party system system is slow or down
  4. With / Without Authentication
  5. With / Without Authorisation
  6. Special characters in each input param
  7. Trying to mock and test if we are depending on 3rd party services
  8. Contract Testing (if required)

Useful Tools

  1. Pact for contract testing
  2. Some mocking tools — Wiremock, Mountebank



I saw many people confused between visual studio and visual studio code so thought of taking the time to explain in my own way.

Visual Studio vs Visual Studio Code

We have a Microsoft’s official blog to compare between above tools, it suggested to go with Visual Studio if we are developing Microsoft based technology or language. For example,